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Rosemary Sincalir

Managing Director, ATUG and Chair, INTUG

Rosemary Sinclair is Managing Director of ATUG, the Australian Telecommunications Users Group, and Chair of INTUG, the main body representing end users worldwide.  In those roles she has championed an inclusive approach to use of broadband and other new services, to include all sectors of society.

Rosemary held various executive positions including: National General Manager – Communications Industry Accounts at Telecom Australia; Director, Strategic Development at the ABC; and Director, Education, New Media and Export at Scholastic Australia.  She was a member of the Federal Government’s Broadband Advisory Group in 2002.

She is currently a member of the Government’s Teleworking Task Force, a Member of the National ICT Industry Alliance, the Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF), Australian Telework Advisory Committee (ATAC) and the Broadband for Health Program Working Group.  She is also INTUG Asia-Pacific Region Vice Chair and represents the view of end users of telecommunications directly to policy makers and regulators from all the APEC economies at the APEC Telecommunications Working Group meetings held twice each year.

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