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VoIP regulatory options

This paper examines options to provide normal treatment for VoIP services within the Australian telecommunications regime.  It is supported in part by ACIF.  It covers options ranging from creation of a separate category of ‘IP telephony’ to minimalist changes in existing codes and standards.  The Network Insight contribution to public discussion is called Notes on VoIP Regulatory Options.  Overall, the paper is optimistic about the ability of the existing Australian laws to provide a transition to widespread use of VoIP, on the way to a full NGN environment.

Subject areas include: emergency location information, backup power, operator services, untimed local calls, directory assistance, service provider determinations and other Standard Telephone Service issues, plus the customer service guarantee.  Tools discussed for a future VoIP regime include consumer disclosure codes, increased co-operation between VoIP providers and traditional telcos, and efficient use of the delegated legislation schemes within the existing laws.


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