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Welcome to the Network Insight Institute

The Network Insight Institute is an independent non-profit centre of ideas and information, focused on communications. We
take a broad, cross-platfrom view of the future - drawing together television, platform technology, the press, broadcasting, new audiovisual media and e-commerce.

Events and projects

  • Annual Network Insight Workshop
    21 May 2012 - Major issues in this workshop included: expansion of TV networks onto online platforms, early-stage investment in online businesses, applications using ubiquitous fibre, and follow-ons from the Convergence Report.
  • Communications Policy & Research Forum 2011
    7-8 November 2011 - The CPRF is a research oriented forum open to all viewpoints; a co-operative effort by policy & research centres. Interest areas include ICT, digital media, telecoms, broadcasting, communications culture, Internet and e-commerce.
  • Australian Content in New and Old Media: But How?
    24 October 2011 - An afternoon seminar to help people think about the new options for Australian content, before the end-month Convergence Review deadline.
  • Convergence and TV: policy and legal challenges
    19 May 2011 - This seminar is to help people decide what changes are really needed in communications.  The federal government has announced an inquiry into new laws 'appropriate for established, new and emerging communications and media platforms' in view of convergence.  This seminar is to offer another layer of insight, without the formality of official inquiries. 
  • Internet, Telecoms and Convergence: the legal and policy challenge
    9 May 2011 - Everyone agrees that there are big changes in networks, service delivery and consumer demand. We now have an official inquiry into policies and laws 'appropriate for established, new and emerging communications and media platforms' in view of convergence. The terms of reference are unusually wide. This seminar is to help people decide what changes are really needed.
  • The Year Ahead in Communications 2011
    16 March 2011 - Every year, we organise a workshop to offer our sponsors and advisers the best possible insight into issues which will affect them in the next 12 months. It is an agenda-setting event, and the only one of our events held behind closed doors, to preserve candour in business projections.
  • The 2010 Communications Policy & Research Forum
    15-16 November 2010 - The 2010 Forum brought together over 200 researchers and thinkers from Australia and overseas to share knowledge, research and ideas.
  • The Future Communications Policy Matrix
    This project opens the way for fresh thinking about communications policy with a focus on the years beyond 2010. Its purpose is to provide a repository for ideas to implement in future, and to encourage debate about proposals that could become law in a future Communications Act.
  • Executive Government and Media Independence
    This project investigates the current distribution of official powers over communications services in Australia. It includes audiovisual services such as broadcasting, Internet, mobile, IPTV and other platforms. These are the areas where the powers of executive government are the most sensitive; but there are related issues in the fields of spectrum allocation, licensing and planning.


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