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The Year Ahead in Communications 2009

Date: Friday, 13 February 2009 to Saturday, 14 February 2009
Venue: Manly Pacific, 55 North Steyne, Manly, Sydney

The purpose of this workshop is to give all our extended family of sponsors and advisers the chance to get across the key issues facing them, in less than two days. This is nothing like other conferences or seminars.  We call it a workshop, but there is no one word to exactly describe it.  Our experts raise issues for a few minutes, then follow through in response to the participants.

The workshop is about real convergence.  People from media, telecommunications and IT share insights across industry boundaries and sectors, in a safe, neutral, academic environment.  It happens nowhere else.  This is the only non-public event we hold. 

Click here to download the program.

Gary Brown, Business Development Manager, Visual Products, Harvey Norman
Ian McGarrity, Director, IMW Media Services; formerly Chair of DBA, senior exec at ABC and SBS (session convenor)
Steve Mannion, GM, Sales & Marketing, Hills Antenna & TV Systems
• What devices and services are consumers buying?
• Progress on digital uptake, and can we make the switch off deadline?
• Will our reception systems deliver true HD TV?

Session 2 (11:30-1:00) 
David Gibbs, Executive Director, dSales; formerly CEO eChoice (session convenor)
Guy Dunstan, Chairman, Galadrial; formerly EGM Star TV, founding Chair of Channel [V], GM of Ten
Kim Anderson, Director,; formerly GM Southern Cross View, Director Strategy & Tech at Nine, Director Business Development PBL
•  What are the consumer trends in areas like social networking, UGC, search and music?
•  How are online players changing their marketing?
•  Traditional vs new media - which is fragmenting faster?

Session 3 (2:00-3:30) 
John Craven, Managing Director, Terranovate Group (session convenor)
Gerry Moriarty, Chairman, Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group

David Quilty, Group MD, Public Policy & Communication, Telstra
•  What can the future infrastructure deliver (health, entertainment, cheaper power, environment, digital economy) - smart infrastructure
•  Is fibre the answer and are all fibre networks created equal?
•  Who will make money out of it, who should own it and how will it impact existing businesses (entertainment, health, banks)

Session 4 (4:00-5:30)  SUBSCRIPTION MEDIA
David Royal, Director, Merrill Lynch Australia
Deanne Weir, Group Director, Corporate Development & Legal Affairs, AUSTAR
Adam Suckling, Director Regulatory, Policy & Wholesale, FOXTEL

•  Future growth of subscription TV, press and other media
•  Success of mobile and other new subscription platforms
•  Funding and investment prospects

Saturday, 14 February 2009
Dr Terry Cutler, Managing Director, Cutler & Company; formerly Chair of the 2008 Review of National Innovation
Roger Buckeridge, Executive Director, Allen & Buckeridge
Steve Vamos, President, Society for Knowledge Economics; formerly CEO of Microsoft Australia, Apple, ninemsn
•  Three very experienced leaders discuss what is really involved, covering ICT, media production, and management
•  Next steps to lift performance and revenues, even in a recession

Session 6  (11:00-12:30)  ANALYSIS AND NUMBERS
Ken Reid, ICE Partner, KPMG
Ian Martin, Senior Telecommunications Analyst, ABN AMRO Research
Bob Peters, Director, Global Media Analysis
•  Three experts whose job it is to think and analyse the trends share their projections
•  What kinds of players and services might emerge well from the current slump?
•  Numbers and charts addressing telecoms and media

Who is invited?  Anyone who works for one of our sponsors, namely: Telstra, Optus, Fairfax, Network Ten, Nine Network, Seven Network, FOXTEL, AUSTAR, PBL, Allens Arthur Robinson, Clayton Utz, KPMG and Macquarie Bank: plus ABC and SBS as honorary sponsors for the workshop.

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