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Reviewing the progress of Digital TV


Issues included:

  • the future of licensing and regulation
    DTTB coverage and uptake
  • Australian content, and where it should fit in the future policy options
  • plans for an indigenous DTV channel
  • community TV’s digital ‘place in the sun’
  • HDTV, enhanced and multiview TV
  • the datacasting trials
  • the fate of the Productivity Commission report on broadcasting
  • the mix-and-match combinations of channels and policies for multichannelling


To read discussion openers comments from the seminar click on the links below:

SESSION 1: (9:35-11:00) What the reviews are about
James Cameron, Chief General Manager, Broadcasting Division, DCITA
Giles Tanner, General Manager, ABA

  • Overview of the policy issues in the reviews

  • The policy framework we have now, and the future of licensing and regulation under that framework

  • The review process: plans for receiving submissions and producing final outcomes

SESSION 2: (11:20-12:50) How the reviews look, from 3 different sectors
Ian McGarrity, Chairman, Digital Broadcasting Australia
Creina Chapman, Director, Regulatory & Corporate Affairs, PBL Media

John Corker & Rachel Perkins, Indigenous Television Working Group
Barry Melville, GM, Community Broadcasting Association of Australia;

  • DTTB coverage and uptake; how are they going and what are their prospects
  • Australian content: where does it fit under the various options?
  • Plans and prospects for an indigenous DTV channel
  • Community TV's digital 'place in the sun'

SESSION 3: (1:40-3:20) Subscription and fta/open divergence and convergence
Debra Richards, Executive Director, ASTRA
Ian McGill, Partner, Communications, Media & Technology Group, Allens Arthur Robinson
Paul Walsh, Network Manager Regulatory, Network Ten

  • Subscription and free-to-air viewpoints and issues
  • Should we look at more original and creative policies?
  • High-Definition, enhanced and interactive TV

SESSION 4: (3.40-5:00) New and different services and approaches
Graeme Barclay, Managing Director, Broadcast Australia
Stuart Simson, Executive Chairman, eMitch Ltd
Bridget Godwin, Manager, Regulatory & Business Affairs, Seven Network

  • Datacasting: alive, growing and heralding convergence?
  • Whatever happened to the PC report?
  • Multichannelling: the mix and match combinations of channels and policies

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