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Digital rights: management & co-operation

Date: Wednesday, 13 October 2004

Issues (very briefly):
This seminar was about how Australian enterprises can manage rights sensibly and even creatively, in the interests of providers and consumers. The purpose was to find better ways to build out from the media we have now, towards achievable goals.  The seminar was not centred on the well-known legal protection and piracy issues, but more on plans for distribution, cataloguing and co-operation.

Some of the issues discussed in the seminar were:  consumers’ power to manage content in the connected home;  convergence of broadcasting and broadband (wired and unwired); the demise of videotape, and now perhaps the DVD;  new copy protection systems such as broadcast flags; encryption, watermarking and licensing; standards and the industry consortia supporting them;  incentives for users to use authorised channels; ISANs, DOIs, and other emerging identifiers; and new business models for audiovisual distribution.


To read discussion openers comments from the seminar click on the links below:

SESSION 1: (9:30-11:00) The potential of digital delivery and reception
Will Berryman, Chief Technology Officer, SBS
Keith Jones, General Manager, Manufacturing, Panasonic
Dominic Stone, Broadcast Solutions Manager, IBM

How great is consumers' power to manage content in the connected home?

  • Convergence of broadcasting and broadband, wired and unwired.

  • From disks to downloads: the demise of videotape, and now perhaps the DVD

  • How many copy protection systems (eg. broadcast flags) will devices be able to read?


    SESSION 2: (11:25-1:00) Is this the time to grab the opportunity, or to wait and see?
    Kim Williams, CEO, FOXTEL
    Scot Morris, Director of International Relations, APRA/AMCOS

    Rob Nicholls, Consultant, Gilbert & Tobin (presented by Kate Harrison)


  • Subscription TV: managing relationships for > 100 channels

  • Incentives for users to use authorised channels

  • Relationships with customers as individuals designing their ‘own’ compilations

  • ISANs, DOIs, and other emerging identifiers: which to back?

  • The STB and PVR/DVR: managing audiovisual time and space

    SESSION 3: (1:55-3:20) Realistic, efficient management: how it works and can be improved
    Chris Atkins, Partner, Communications & High Tech Strategy, Accenture
    Rob Hutchinson, Manager, Interface, ABC
    Kim Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, Southern Star Entertainment
  • What needs to be in place before all this can work fully?
  • Simple, standardised forms of agreement between all the parties?
  • Extension of content (eg. film to DVD) and ancillary rights
  • Public and community broadcaster business models: do the same tools work?
  • Are the myriad formats, territories and windows getting too complex to manage?

    SESSION 4: (3:40-5:00) Better strategies, more cooperation or something else?
    Guy Gadney, General Manager, Content Programming, BigPond Media
    Katherine Sainty, Partner, Allens Arthur Robinson
    John Gillhespy, Senior Manager, Strategic Development & Planning, Microsoft Australia

  • New business models for music and other audiovisual distribution
  • Encryption, watermarking and licensing; inc. standards and industry consortia
  • Broadband as the audiovisual channel for distribution of VOD, music, everything?
  • Micropayment systems: will the provider be a telco, subscription TV co, bank?

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