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The digital dividend: reaping the benefits of analogue switchoff

Date: Wednesday, 8 July 2009

How to make the best use of the spectrum freed up when TV stations finish their move to digital?  This seminar was about the big choices and priorities.  Many forward-looking telcos, media and others are keen to use this space.  As twice the available space would be needed to fit all players, how do we accommodate the most uses for the maximum benefit?  Now is the time to discuss this, because decision time is coming.  The government decisions will reach far, as the digital dividend goals will trigger re-stacking of many other services to save space.

This seminar was about the policy decisions affecting everyone.  Of course people discussed the technical issues so far as they affect the policy options, but it was not about the technical, engineering or implementation details in their own right.  That work is being thoroughly covered by ACMA consultations. 
Seminar program

SESSION 1 (9:00-10:30) Current policy development, national and global
Pip Spence, First Assistant Secretary, Networks Policy & Regulation, DBCDE
Rob Nicholls, Consultant, Gilbert + Tobin

SESSION 2 (11:00-12:45) Mobile, telecoms, Internet perspectives
Chris Althaus, CEO, Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association
Jane Van Beelen, Acting Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs, Telstra
Jennifer Wilson, Director, The Project Factory; Co-Chair, AIMIA Mobile Industry Group

SESSION 3 (1:45-3:40) Broadcasting perspectives
Mark Scott, Managing Director, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Barry Melville
, Media & Communications Consultant, Lloyd Melville Consulting (formerly CBAA, Choice)
Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia
Wayne Goss, Chairman, Free TV Australia

SESSION 4 (4:00-5:30) Achieving a practical well-balanced outcome
Graeme Barclay, Managing Director, Broadcast Australia
Deanne Weir, Group Director, Corporate Development & Legal Affairs, AUSTAR
Malcolm Alder, Partner, Digital Business, KPMG

Resources from the seminar
Malcolm Alder speaking notes
Chris Althaus presentation
Barry Melville speaking notes
Rob Nicholls presentation

Jane van Beelen presentation
Jennifer Wilson presentation



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