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2005 Communications Research & Strategy Forum

Date: Monday, 21 November 2005 to Tuesday, 22 November 2005
Venue: University of NSW

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2005 Forum papers: click to download
The program included invited presentations and selected submitted papers.  Initial selection of all submitted papers was based on refereed assessment of abstracts.  The full paper was refereed only in cases of submissions intended for the fully refereed stream of the program.  Those papers are indicated by 'Ref'.

M Cave, The development of telecommunications in Europe - regulation and economic effects (paper); slides

Session 1
J Langdale, Globalisation and vulnerability: Telecoms & IT in the Asia-Pacific region (Ref paper); slides
R Nicholls, Telecommunications regulation and the global digital divide (paper); slides
J Sinclair, Globalisation trends in the advertising industry in Australia (Ref paper); slides
T Barr, A Burns & D Sharp, Smart Internet 2010: A Smart Internet Technology CRC Report (Ref paper); slides
P Roberts & S Lardner, Vision 20/20: Future scenarious for the communications industry - implications for regulation (slides)

Session 2
R Kelso, Accessing the Foxtel/Telstra network: an open & shut case (Ref paper); slides
W Blood, Voices of mental wellness and illness on Australian commercial talkback radio (Ref paper)
R Breit, Journalistic self-regulation: moving towards an alternative model (Ref paper)
J Quiggin, What next for Telstra? (slides)

Session 3
M Wijerwardena & C Andrews, International approaches to VoIP regulation (paper); slides
L Evans, Incentive regulation of prices when costs are sunk (paper); slides
P Darling, NGN: Technology Issues, policy and regulation (slides)

Session 4
F Papandrea, Cross-media reform: a setback for media diversity (Ref paper)
P Adams, In search of broadband's tipping point - conceptual model (Ref paper); slides
L Cameron, Examining broadband demand: a comparision between metropolitan & regional Australia (Ref paper); slides
B Peters, Media policy: Pragmatist's perspective (slides)

Session 5
J Di Gregorio, Trust and growth in the online environment (paper); slides
C Collis, C Spurgeon & M Foth, Local Media Mapping in Media & Communication Studies (Ref paper); slides
K Geiselhart, New media & democracy in Australia (Ref paper); slides

Session 6
R Coutts & R Grill, Australia's Electronics Industry - the Hard Bit of the ICT Sector (Ref paper)
P Gerrand, Cultural diversity in cyberspace: The Catalan campaign to win the new .cat top level domain (Ref paper)
A Henderson, M Rowland & A Margossian, The Mechanics of Interconnection: the anatomy of a RIO (paper)
L Osborne & M Cupitt, Measuring digital TV take-up (slides)

Full program
click to download.

These organisations supported the Forum with cash or help in kind: Communication and media Policy Institute, University of Canberrra; Gilbert + Tobin; Network Insight Institute; Smart Internet Technology CRC.

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The Network Insight Institute provided the Forum website.  The Institute sponsors shown on the side bar of the site should not be confused with the Forum sponsors.

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