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The 2010 Communications Policy & Research Forum

Date: Monday, 15 November 2010 to Tuesday, 16 November 2010
Venue: Federation Conference Centre, Sydney

What the Forum does
The Forum is the largest regular gathering of communications knowledge in Australia.  It gives a springboard to serious thinking and data about the state of media, telecommunications and the Internet.  One strength of the Forum is the depth of analysis, criticism and research offered by professional researchers and practitioners.

Click these links to download  the volumes of printed papers, in PDF format, from the Forums of the last 4 years:
Record of the CPRF 2010 (380 pages, 10Mb).
Record of the CPRF 2009 (370 pages, 3.6MB)
Record of the CPRF 2008 (434 pages, 3.6MB)
Record of the CPRF 2007 (370 pages, 4.1MB)

About the 2010 Forum

Keynote speakers



Centres and Institutes Supporting the Forum
Custodians of the Forum

Downloads form the 2010 Forum
Record of the CPRF 2010 (380 pages, 10Mb).  This contains the written papers from the Forum.
Program of the two days
Summary of the papers and talks (50 pages)
List of the 80+ contributors and topics

Some slide presentations kindly provided by speakers:
Keynote: Richard Collins: The end of public media?  The UK - canary in the coal mine?
Keynote: Paul Brooks: Be careful what you wish for - possibilities and pitfalls of universal competitive broadband
Nick Hart and Mark Vincent: Balancing the entertainment and communications sectors in digital communications (paper)
Catherine Middleton
: Demand for next generation broadband: exploring Internet usage statistics
Robert Morsillo and Rob Garrett: Users informing users: A web 2.0 approach to information about accessible telecoms for people with disability
David Tham: New music audiences: the generative impulse

About the Keynote speakers

Richard Collins, Professor of Media Studies, The Open University, UK
topic: The end of public media?  The UK - canary in the coal mine?
We were fortunate to have Richard Collins as a keynote, because he has been a major influence on media and Internet policy in the United Kingdom and globally.  Professor Collins is a true expert on the growth of media, including the realities of policy, politics, content and culture.  He has been a prominent author and speaker about topics such as: public broadcasting; internet governance; media ethics; media policy and regulation; new communication technologies; and national identity and the media (especially in Canada and Europe).

Paul Brooks, Founder, Layer 10 Advisory
topic: Be careful what you wish for - possibilities and pitfalls of universal competitive broadband
We invited Dr Brooks to be a keynote because he is renowned as a thinker and speaker about broadband.  He speaks with confidence and clarity because he has been one of the builders of many broadband enterprises delivering media, telephony and other applications which we now take for granted today.  Paul leads Layer 10 Advisory, an independent consultancy practice specialising in telecommunications strategy and network architecture.  Among other roles, he is NBN Lead Consultant at the Communications Alliance and a director of the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU). 

With over 80 expert contributors in 23 sessions, the Forum covered a lot of topics.  The papers and talks were volunteered, with no theme or agenda pre-set by the organisers.  The program is built around the speakers' proposals.  These were the sessions which emerged in 2010:
•    Understanding the digital economy
•    NBN innovation and benefits
•    Economic structures and demand
•    Open Internet carriage and content
•    Wireless broadband
•    Campaigning for communications consumers
•    International aproaches to regulation
•    Media: youth, age and culture
•    Digitising Pacific cultural collections
•    Copyright in the digital networked era
•    Online risk and protection
•    Media concentration and ownership
•    Reporting, journalism and integrity
•    News and reporting
•    Strategies and regulation for ICT users
•    Protecting citizens' interests in the online marketplace
•    Einstein's audience: new dimensions of media consumption
•    iPad adoption and impact
•    Audience and screen production research
•    Online communities and applications
•    Social media and net neutrality

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of Gilbert + Tobin, the IIC Australian Chapter and the Smart Services CRC.

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These research organisations support the Forum
ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation
Australian & New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA)
Centre for Media and Communications Law
Centre for Media History
Communications Law Centre
Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre
Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University
Journalism and Media Research Centre (JMRC)
Network Insight Institute
Public Communications Research Cluster, University of Canberra
Smart Services CRC

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Custodians of the Forum
A group of eight people from different places and backgrounds act as Custodians of the Forum, to underwrite its independence and diversity: 
Mark Armstrong, Director, Network Insight Institute;
Mark Balnaves, Professor of New Media, Edith Cowan University;
Professor Trevor Barr, Media and Communications Unit, Swinburne University;
Emeritus Prof. Reg Coutts, Electrical and Electronic Eng., University of Adelaide;
Lesley Osborne, Manager, Strategic Research, ACMA;
Professor Franco Papandrea, University of Canberra;
Debra Richards;
Dr Christina Spurgeon, Queensland University of Technology.

The Network Insight Institute provides this Forum web page, and management support for the Forum.  The Institute's own sponsors shown on the right-hand sidebar of this site should not be confused with the separate sponsors of the Forum.


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