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Communications Policy & Research Forum 2009

Date: Thursday, 19 November 2009 to Friday, 20 November 2009

The 2009 Forum was held at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) on 19-20 November.  Interest areas included ICT, digital media, telecommunications, broadcasting, communications culture, Internet and e-commerce.

Keynote speakers

Kim Williams, CEO, FOXTEL
Topic: The rise of the digital economy: profound effects for consumers, producers, current business models and media policy.  (click here for keynote address)

Rosemary Sinclair, Chair, INTUG and Managing Director, ATUG
Topic: 2018 a Cyberspace Odyssey: how we can navigate through all the obstacles to a flourishing national broadband network.  (Click here for presentation)

You can download the volume of Forum papers
Please click here to download the Record of the Communications Policy & Research Forum 2009.  It is a 370-page volume of the papers provided by a number of the speakers.  It is a 4.2MB PDF.  These are the papers in that volume:

-  The NBN — Do Australian broadband households feel the need for speed? by Peter Adams (presentation)
-  Survey wars: The explosion of measurement in audience ratings by Mark Balnaves & Tom O’Regan
-  IPTV: Glimmers of hope by Trevor Barr
-  Journalists as investigators and ‘quality media’ reputation by Alex Burns & Barry Saunders (presentation)
-  Twitter free Iran: An evaluation of Twitter’s role in public diplomacy and information operations in Iran’s 2009 election crisis by Alex Burns & Ben Eltham (presentation)
-  Bringing the internet down to earth: Emerging spaces of locative media by Tanya Nitins & Christy Collis (presentation)
-  Trends in online journalism: A case study approach based on EUAustralia Online by Lee Duffield, Amelia Birnie & Daniel Challis (presentation)
-  Policies, standards and frameworks for managing knowledge — exploring the use of the Australian standard by Stuart Ferguson & Sally Burford (presentation)
-  Democracy, participation and convergent media: Case studies in contemporary online news journalism in Australia by Terry Flew
-  User behaviours and intentions in digital media in Australia by Terry Flew, Christina Spurgeon & Anna Daniel
-  Minding the gap(s) in spectrum law: An Australian study and a case for reforms by Ben Freyens (presentation)
-  ‘Outside the box: Television 2018’ by Philip Bell, Ben Goldsmith, Hugh Pattinson & Annmarie Chandler (presentation)
-  Information and communication technologies (ICT) and effects on ‘togetherness’ in family households by Yvonne Gora (presentation)
-  Service provider quality: The need for research by David Havyatt (presentation)
-  Consuming children: An analysis of Australian press coverage of the claims and counterclaims of advocacy and industry groups in relation to a proposed ban on ‘junk food’ advertising by Kate Holland, R Warwick Blood, Samantha Thomas, Asuntha Karunaratne & Sophie Lewis
-  ‘A battle between enraged bulls’: The 2009 Australian Senate Inquiry into sports news and digital media by Brett Hutchins & David Rowe (presentation)
-  Impossible choices: Complexity and dissatisfaction in the telecommunications consumer–service provider relationship by Elaine Lally & David Rowe (presentation)
-  Broadcasting: Turning audiences into consumers by Marion McCutcheon & Jock Given (presentation)
-  Encouraging efficient usage of licensed spectrum by Denis Mullane
-  Strategies for implementing a converged ICT regulator in Indonesia by Yudhistira Nugraha & William Tibben (presentation)
-  Digital custodianship: Pathways to reform by Diana Nujic (presentation)
-  2013 analog TV switchoff: What are the prospects? by Franco Papandrea
-  Rethinking gatekeeping by Scott Rickard
-  It’s a Long Tail to the top (if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll)? by Kylie Ryan
-  The immersive internet: New models and lead users in Australia by Mandy Salomon
-  Alleviating privacy and security concerns in financial aggregation programs by Supriya Singh, Kathrin Fleischmann, Tony Ponton & Sheila Bellamy (presentation)
-  Generative audiences and social media by David Tham
-  Australian TV — the last bastion by Kim Williams

Click here to download the Record of the Communications Policy & Research Forum 2008.  3.6MB download.
Click here to download the Record of the Communications Policy & Research Forum 2007.  4.1MB download.


These are slides used during their presentation at the Forum by people whose did not have a written paper, or whose paper could not be included in the printed volume because of timing, copyright or other reasons.  

-  Recognition of Internet communities via the domain name system: the case for new cutural top level domains by Peter Gerrand
-  Understanding diversity in the older population: helping policy makers to address the Age Digital Divide as broadband access becomes the next froniter by Pam Coutts (presentation)
-  National broadband network - a way forward by Reg Coutts (presentation)
-  News and current affairs: delivery platforms and audiences by Margaret Cupitt (presentation)
-  Substitution and dependency in telecommunications by Paul Nicholas (presentation)
-  Capital punishment: regulatory reforms in commercial television broadcasting by Rob Nicholls (presentation)
-  O Canada: telecommunications interception policy as embedded liberalism by Rob Nicholls & Michelle Rowland (presentation)
-  Cybersafety and social networking by young people by Rosalie O'Neale (presentation)
-  Barriers to the effective use of digital media and communications by Lesley Osborne (presentation)
-  The NBN: making it happen - a discussion of some key aspects of implementing the NBN by Linh Tran, James Halliday & Stephen Wright (Tran & Halliday presentation) (Wright presentation)

Download the program & information about the 2009 Forum

Click here to download the 2009 program in PDF format
Click here to download information about the 2009 program

What the Forum does
This is the largest annual gathering of communications knowledge in Australia.  It gives a springboard to serious thinking and data about the state of media, telecommunications and the Internet.  One strength of the Forum is the depth of analysis, criticism and research offered by professional researchers and practitioners.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the IIC Australian Chapter, Gilbert + Tobin and the Smart Services CRC.
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These research organisations support the Forum

ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation
Australian & New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA)
Centre for Media and Communications Law, University of Melbourne
Centre for Media History, Macquarie University
Communications Law Centre
Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University
Network Insight Institute
News Research Group, Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra
Smart Services CRC

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Custodians of the Forum

A group of six people from different places and backgrounds act as Custodians of the Forum, to underwrite its independence and diversity: 
Mark Armstrong, Director, Network Insight Institute;
Mark Balnaves, Senior Research Fellow in New Media, Curtin University of Technology;
Trevor Barr, Professor of Media and Communications, Swinburne University;
Reg Coutts, Emeritus Professor of Telecommunications, University of Adelaide and Director, Australian Computer Society (ACS) Telecommunications Board
Lesley Osborne, Manager, Strategic Research, ACMA;
Franco Papandrea, Adjunct Professor, University of Canberra;
Debra Richards, former CEO, ASTRA;
Dr Christina Spurgeon, Queensland University of Technology.

The Academic Review Panel
Chair:  Professor Franco Papandrea, University of Canberra;
Professor Trevor Barr, Media and Communications Unit, Swinburne University;
Professor Terry Flew, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology;
Professor Andrew Kenyon, CMCL, University of Melbourne;
Professor Don Lamberton, Queensland University of Technology;
Professor Julian Thomas, Director, Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University.

The Network Insight Institute provides this Forum web page, and management support for the Forum.  The Institute's own sponsors shown on the right-hand sidebar of this site should not be confused with the separate sponsors of the Forum.

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