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Changing standards for Australian content on TV


This was a workshop on Australian content standards hosted by Network Insight, the AFC and Allens Arthur Robinson on 15 March 2002. It revealed many insights from participants in the ABA’s review of the free-to-air TV content standard, including detailed discussions about drama, children’s and documentaries, and broader issues such as:

  • how to encourage and support programs that have high cultural values but may be commercially risky;
  • implications of WTO and other international trade pressures for the Australian content standard;
  • the role of public broadcasters; and
  • the standard beyond the current review, with the multi-channel environment, pay TV, and possible changes to ownership and control rules and the number of free-to-air commercial channels.


To purchase the contributor papers view the Changing standards for Australian content on TV - 15 March 2002 publication information.

To read extracts from each of the contributors click on the links below:

Session 1: The current inquiry and state of play

Andy McIntyre, Network Ten
Ian McGill, Allens Arthur Robinson
Bob Donoghue, Premium Movie Partnership

Session 2: Production issues

Sharon Connolly, Film Australia
Jonathan Shiff, Jonathan M Shiff Productions
Joanne Yates, SPAA

Session 3: Common ground, points of difference, ways ahead

Maureen Barron, Southern Star
Ian Robertson, ABA and Holding Redlich
Judi Stack, FACTS

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