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Broadband: the next utility

Date: Thursday, 17 August 2006
Venue: KPMG Auditorium, Sydney

Topic: How is work progressing on the huge task of providing real broadband to households and business.  ‘Real’ meaning more than 10Mbps, not the derisory speeds in Australian official figures.  The seminar’s focus was the effort of funding, negotiating, building and connecting all the components of networks delivering serious broadband to the end user. 

SESSION 1: How to build the best broadband, with what we’ve got, where we are?
Malcolm Alder
, Director, ICE Group, KPMG slides
Phil Burgess
, Group MD, Public Policy, Comms. & Corp. Affairs, Telstra
- Latest analysis of how Australia compares with the developed world
- Given the regulation we have, what targets are realistic?
- Ideas for productive dealings between carriers and service providers

SESSION 2: What we can learn from experience to date?
Andrew Skewes
, Director of Policy, Multimedia Victoria slides
Steve Legge
, Chief Operating Officer, Soul Converged Communications slides
Jim Wyatt
, Senior Telecommunications Consultant, Dept of Economic Development, Tasmania slides
- Learnings from Aurora, TasCOLT and other fibre-rich projects.
- Experience in attracting funders, content providers, customers
- Models for co-operation between service providers, developers, investors and telcos.

SESSION 3: State of play, and issues we need to resolve
Robin Eckermann
, Principal, Eckermann & Associates slides
Justin Jameson
, Partner, Spectrum Strategy Consultants slides
- How do they do it differently in the leading broadband countries?
- How to get recognition for environmental and economic benefits of broadband?
- What policy or regulatory changes would stimulate take-up and rollout?

SESSION 4: More efficient structures and planning
Julian Watson
, Senior Planner, CPS Global slides
Deanne Weir
, Group Director, Corporate Development & Legal Affairs, AUSTAR slides
David Havyatt
, Head of Regulatory Affairs, AAPT slides
- How can government encourage rollout, inc. town planning, Broadband Connect.
- The WiMax solution: mainstream or niche, regional or metro?
- SpeedReach (G9) and lessons from co-operation in energy and transport industries.

Note:  the origins of this seminar are in an excellent FTTH seminar organised by MMV, reported at:

You will find the records of six earlier Network Insight Institute broadband seminars on the Events and Publications areas of our website. 

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