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Australian content in new media


The purpose of this seminar was to share ideas and information about how to fund and stimulate content for new media. We know this is vital to Internet, streaming radio and video, multimedia, interactive TV, datacasting and the digital services starting now. But there seemed to be a vacuum in strategic thinking about this issue. Too many people are locked into ideas developed for film and TV. With an election, and a new government of one party or another coming around the time of this seminar, it was really important to get more forward- thinking ideas into the public arena.

Issues included:

  • What is the state of play on the Internet, broadband, game consoles, digital TV and wireless platforms? Does Australian digital content have a place on the new media platforms? What local content is already out there? What are people actually using?
  • What does ‘content’ mean in a new media environment, and how does this affect the ways in which we look at local content? What new forms of local content are enabled by interactivity? How important is re-purposing of existing content? What kinds of content do audiences want?
  • What is the cultural and economic importance of local content? What connection should there be between cultural policy and industry policy?
  • What mechanisms and policies are available to promote digital content?
    Can, and should, the regime for local content in broadcasting be ex-tended to new media? Are ‘local content’ laws possible in the Internet era? Are there any lessons to be learnt from other sectors?
  • What is the role for film and media support organisations: the ABC, SBS, FFC, AFC, Australia Council, and others?
  • How do we marshal the local talent? How do we attract investment? What realistic strategies can Australian players and government pursue?

To read extracts from each of the contributors click on the links below.

Preface, Professor Mark Armstrong, Director, Network Insight 

Session 1: The Challenge
Colin Griffith, President, AIMIA
Maureen Barron, Chair, Australian Film Commission
Dr Terry Cutler, Chair, Australia Council
Session 1 Discussion – The challenge

Session 2: Creative Inputs and Outputs
Moya Dodd, Managing Director, Content & Finance, f2
Nick Murray, President, SPAA
Molly Reynolds, Executive Producer, Beyond Online
Session 2 Discussion – Creative inputs and outputs

Session 3: Policies and Strategies
Patrick Callioni, Chief General Manager, Information Economy, NOIE
Professor Stuart Cunningham, Director, CIRAC, QUT
Peter Leonard and Carolyn Lidgerwood, Gilbert and Tobin
Session 3 Discussion – Policies and strategies

Session 4: Delivering
Bruce Meagher, Head, Corporate Affairs, Austar
Helen O’Neil, Executive Director, Australian Major Performing Arts Group
Alex Stewart, Director, Content Business, ninemsn
Session 4 Discussion – Delivering

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