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Australian Content in New and Old Media: But How?

Date: Monday, 24 October 2011
Venue: Baker & McKenzie, Level 27, 50 Bridge St (AMP Centre), Sydney

This seminar is about the far-reaching options in the new Convergence Review discussion paper on Australian content.  It isn't just another round of revisions and updates of the rules.  Big changes are mooted for old and new media in view of the online/Internet revolution; possibly the biggest since TV started in 1956.  Among the outcomes possible from the paper's options are:

-  Extend content rules to cover IPTV and other new media platforms
-  Substitute current Free TV rules by Screen Aust, ABC and SBS funding
-  The percentage-of-expenditure (subscription) scheme to cover all TV
-  Extend the Producer Offset tax system to new media, including interactive

These are just brief interpretations of the comprehensive paper available at

Session 1 (2:30-4:00) Trends, data, means and ends
Adrian Lawrence, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
Matthew Deaner, Strategy Manager, Screen Australia
Rob Nicholls, General Manager, Communications Group, ACCC
Bob Peters, Director, Global Media Analysis
These experts can adda more dimensions to the future options, including:
- latest data on levels of content, expenditure etc
- capacity of the legal system to deliver forward-looking solutions
- thinking in other countries who also face these challenges
- how we got to where we are, and what that might say about the future

Session 2 (4:30-6:00)  What kind of innovation do we need; and what is and isn't broken?
Tim Watts, Regulatory Manager, Telstra
Brian Rosen, Producer and President SPAA
Julie Flynn, CEO, Free TV Australia
We have invited these people, each with roles giving a commanding view of media, to offer some thoughts about realistic ways ahead, not instant solutions.  They will help to target the areas which matter most, and the kinds of solutions which might work best.

Click here to download a PDF version of the seminar program.

Click on the speakers name below to download their slides
Bob Peters
Matthew Deaner

- For info about the Review, go to:
- Specific issues listed for sessions above are indicative, and not binding on individual speakers.


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