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Convergence and TV: policy and legal challenges

Date: Thursday, 19 May 2011
Venue: Allens Arthur Robinson, Level 28, Deutsche Bank Place, 126 Phillip Street (corner of Hunter & Phillip Streets), Sydney

Time: 2:00-5:30pm

For 20 years we have been discussing convergence, but now it is under way.  TV is migrating and morphing across many new platforms and interfaces including 101 varieties  of Internet video and IPTV.  There are many new structures, players and funding models.  This seminar aims to share proposals for a better communications policy.

There is now a federal Convergence Review which can potentially make a big difference in future.  This seminar is to offer a different kind of insight, without the formality of the official review.  We hope that it will also be useful to people making submissions to the review.  We have offered carte blanche to six people with a depth of experience to say what they think.  To be practical, the program has three people talking about regulatory issues; then leaders from TV and media new and old suggest priorities for the middle of the decade.

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Session 1 (2:00-3:30) Current problems and solutions
Ian McGill, Partner, Allens Arthur Robinson
Lesley Power, General Counsel, Special Broadcasting Service
Paul Mallam, Director, Mallam Lawyers
These three lawyers have all worked on convergence issues facing TV and other media.  We have invited each to nominate one or two key problems they see, then some possible solutions.  The solutions can be anything from a specifc change in the law to a different approach to administration, or regulatory forbearance.  Issues include:
- How will free speech and creativity be recognised; or even protected?
- Can content laws be symmetrical for free TV, subscription, Internet, mobile etc?
- Is self-regulation dead, and should it be re-invented in some way?

Session 2 (4:00-5:30) Convergence policy for 2015?
Deanne Weir, Group Director Corporate Development, AUSTAR; previously Telstra, TelstraSaturn
Bob Campbell
, Managing Director, Screentime; previously Seven Network, Universal Telecasters
Julie Flynn, CEO, Free TV Australia; previously ABC, National Times, 2UE
We have invited three people, each with a depth of experience in TV and media, to project their insights a few years ahead.  What examples of services would they like to see flourishing in 2015; and what policy changes might be required?
- Should the policies respect consumer choice, and how?
- On-demand content vs linear content: how to treat them consistently?
- What will happen, or should happen, to local content?
- What changes are needed to stimulate investment and creativity as the NBN takes off?

- For info about the Review, go to:
- Specific issues listed for sessions above are indicative, and not binding on individual speakers.


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